Your own villa

The decision to invest in Jalan Cinta Sanctuary is a choice that will transform your life and significantly contribute to the transformation of countless others.

The Villas are gorgeous architect-designed, self-contained spaces with either spectacular views or your own private courtyard. And as a “Sanctuary Leaseholder” you will enjoy the daily bliss of a living, breathing, conscious community dedicated to Love.


The purchase price includes three components: the cost of your villa, the land, and a contribution to the common facilities.

You have many options for enjoying the benefits of your investment. You might choose to live at the Sanctuary full time or part time, using it as home base to travel the world, staying for however many months a year that suits you. Or simply consider it as an investment for your own financial security and the awakening of humanity.

Jalan Cinta Bali PT will manage your Villa for you when you are away from the Sanctuary, – renting it to long-term residents and/or adding it to the accommodation letting pool available for workshop participants and other visitors.

We expect a healthy net return of between 5% and 10%, possibly even more as the Sanctuary gains a worldwide reputation. But please note: this invitation is not for anyone who is simply looking for a way to “make money.” A key factor in joining as a “Sanctuary Leaseholder” will be your resonance with the vision of what is being birthed here and a desire to join in conscious community.

Please contact us to find out more about the villa management package. Contact details are at the foot of this page.

Purchase price details

The Private Villa lease purchase price is $140,000 USD.

The payment of your deposit will secure the room of your choosing from those available. We will discuss with you in detail, one-on-one the relative points of the options available, to help you make your choice.

In Bali most properties are leased from a Balinese owner because of legal restrictions on ownership of land. Jalan Cinta Bali PT has secured a lease until 1st Jul 2039, with the option for another 25 years. Your room will be leased from Jalan Cinta Bali PT through until this date initially, with the option to extend.

A full furniture package is available for $5,000/$7,000 respsectively. The furniture package is required if you intend to rent your room as part of the letting pool. Details of the furniture package are available.

To cover the cost of the day-to-day operating expenses there is an annual Sanctuary Lease Management Fee of $3,000. This covers all maintenance for the first five years, sewerage, electricity, tap water, garbage collection and gas. It also entitles you to participate in all the general daily and weekly activities including; yoga, breathing, chanting, movies and talks.

Find out more

For more information and to discuss the options in detail, please feel free to contact one of our founding members using the contact form.