Our guiding principle

There are many approaches to healing and awakening. Many principles that are valuable. There is, however, one principle above all else that has the power to transform lives and to transform our world.

That principle is simply… Love.

All of us have desired the living experience of Love.

Love heals all things, and it is only with Love that we transcend the old and birth the new.

At Jalan Cinta Sanctuary we are devoted to the embodiment of Love in all our interactions, day to day and moment to moment, including business, organisational, community, and interpersonal activities…

Only Love is Real is the calling card. Whatever arises in this moment, we are dedicated to bringing Love to that, to reveal its growth of gems and insights. To be authentic, true, honest and real about what is occurring under our skin. And to accept and embrace where we are with love. Knowing that it is only by being truly loving to oneself that change can occur.

Love embraces all things, allows all things, trusts all things, transcends all things. Love is never possessive. Love is never fearful. Love is simply Love.

Love, and give all things complete freedom to be and to do as they will.

Way of Mastery

Guided by the palpable knowledge that this one principle is the key to the atonement of humanity, at Jalan Cinta Sanctuary we come together to practice Love.

Whatever arises, love that.

Matt Kahn

Teach only love, for that is what you are.

A Course in Miracles

The more you are motivated by love the more fearless and free your action will be.

Dalai Lama