This section is for you to explore the site plans artist impressions and design images for Jalan Cinta Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary land is nestled in the very heart of Bali – the Island of the Gods, as it is known – a place of supreme beauty, tranquillity, delicious restaurants, sensual experiences and a sacred, living spirituality.

The Sanctuary buildings are emerging from pure jungle, overlooking a deep ravine and nestled behind a traditional Balinese village. It is accessible by road 15 minutes from the center of Ubud, a global hub for healing and awakening. Alternatively, you can take the stunning 30 minute “ridge walk” from the center of Ubud. This walk is planned to become one of the signature features of the Sanctuary: “The Miracle Walk - exploring the miracle of you”.

The overall design will be a spacious mix of open-aired and air-conditioned rooms, a pool, walkways, and quiet alcoves. Our underlying aim is to create a space of beauty and peace, for quiet ‘inner’ times of contemplation and meditation. As well as times of laughter and song and dance and play! – a palpably sacred place where Love and authenticity are invited.

The Sanctuary facilities will include a silent temple, meeting room, gathering space, restaurant/communal kitchen, healing and therapies spa and a variety of accommodation options.

The Sanctuary villas are beautifully designed and are being offered to leaseholders for the Sanctuary’s primary funding.

We intend to work with the builders in a creative flow allowing each section of the land, each building erected, each project begun to emerge from this place of creativity. The project will reveal to each of us what best serves our purpose. Great love and care is being given to the details. Over the next few pages you will be able to browse through some of the features we are incorporating into the facilities.

A key thing to remember here is that:

Entering the Sanctuary will be a choice to step consciously into the exploration of your own transformation, your own humanity, your own Divinity.