Available Villas and Studios

In honour of the divine feminine each one of our Studios and Villas is named after a Goddess. Here you can explore the Goddess names and a short description of the energy she holds. For those choosing to join as Sanctuary Lease Holders this map shows the options available.

Private Villas

  • (1) Shekinah 

    This Jewish Goddess is the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation. She is the divine mother, the original goddess, the female representative of source creation.

  • (2) Isis

    An Egyptian high-priestess who is regarded as one of the most ancient deities and is known as a Goddess of divine magic and alchemy.

  • (3) Shakti

    A Hindu Goddess. She is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother'.

  • (4) Danu 

    The most ancient of Celtic Goddesses. Her name means knowledge, wisdom, teacher, wealth and abundance.

  • (5) Ishtar 

    Goddess Ishtar is a Babylonian Creator Goddess. A multidimensional aspect of the Divine Feminine, Earth, fertility and the abundance of life.

  • (6) Athena 

    A Greek warrior Goddess who was the great protector, she stands for personal discipline and prowess.

  • (7) Saraswati 

    The Hindu Goddess of learning, knowledge wisdom and the arts. Saraswati means the essence of self.

  • (8) Lakshmi

    The Hindu Goddess of Light and abundance. She is the mother of Goddesses and represents the creative, feminine aspect of the Divine.

  • (9) Kuan Yin

    A famous Chinese Goddess of compassion.

  • (10) Artemis

    A powerful Greek Goddess who resonates with the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals. She was also known as a protector of young children and is associated with fertility and childbirth mainly in cities.

  • (11) Sophia

    The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and rebirth.

  • (12) Aphrodite 

    The Greek Goddess of passion and love. Aphrodite represents unabashed female sexual energy.

  • (13) Kali

    The Hindu dark mother and Goddess of death and destruction. She represents our worst fears and the freedom that we gain when we conquer them.

  • (14) Gaia

    A Greek Goddess of the Earth and prophecy. She is the primordial mother and a personification of Mother Earth.