Our desire is to establish a structure of management that provides transparency, is inclusive, ensures longevity and invites universal wisdom into the decision making process.

Jalan Cinta Bali PT

Jalan Cinta Bali PT is a company formed in Indonesia, that owns and operates Jalan Cinta Sanctuary. It will be run by a small group of executives. While specific limitations with Indonesian regulations prevent it from being registered as a Not-For-Profit entity, it will effectively operate as such by investing profits in service to the healing, awakening and evolution of humanity, through a variety of projects both large and small.

Sanctuary Leaseholders

“Sanctuary Leaseholders” is the term we are using to describe those who choose to join with Jalan Cinta Bali PT by investing in a long-term lease on one or more of the Villas built within the Jalan Cinta Sanctuary grounds. This will form the major portion of the Sanctuary funding – find out more about becoming a Sanctuary Leaseholder.

The Council

A Council of Equals, comprised from Sanctuary Leaseholders, will be responsible for the operational decision-making of Jalan Cinta Sanctuary. Each member brings his or her own experience in support and service of the Sanctuary.

The Council will become operational when the Sanctuary opens.

Of key importance here is that the Council’s role in decision-making is to come into a resonant field: decisions are made from this place. When truth is spoken, everyone can feel its essence.

The Sages

There are those who have journeyed through life and have vast experience with different areas of expertise – the Wise Ones, our elders and sages – those who can provide support, guidance and share their wisdom.

In recognition of this, we will appoint Sages, by mutual agreement of the Council. They will be approached for their advice, wisdom and experience to assist in resolution of any issues that may arise.

Founding Members

Prior to the implementation of the Council, a group of people have stepped forward to support in establishing the Sanctuary: what we are calling the “Founding Members.” This group will dissolve when the formal Council is activated.

The Founding Members are:

  •   Sandy Button
  •   Rod West
  •   Kate Macnamara
  •   Rick Mercer

Read about the Founding Members' journeys.