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We live in a time of great change facilitated by the world shrinking effect of the Internet that has brought us together in a way never before possible. And with that has come the awareness of the need for change in the way we treat our world, each other, and ourselves. It is a time where many of us are looking for another way of being.

Central to each of us is an incredible innate essence which is already whole. It has been known as the True Self, Authentic Self, Transcendental Self, Heart, and Soul. It is the part of us that can witness our human mind thinking and the part of us that knows and feels when something truly true.

“The Heart is that which is beyond space and time and is that spark of Light in the Mind of God, which is called Christ Way of the Heart, Lesson 1

Another name for this innate essence, this Heart which abides in perfect equality as every one of us, is Christ. Christ, which is who we truly are, never ceases to exist in complete unity with the all of Creation, the Mind of God even though we may have forgotten or lost conscious awareness of it.

Christ Mind Teachings are teachings that support us to learn about the purpose of the human journey, our humanity, the truth of who we really are, our divinity and how to embody it in our everyday lives. They are profound mystical wisdoms that span time and space and touch the very core of our Being at this time when there is a call, a yearning for another way of being. Christ Mind teachings offer a surprisingly effective and very practical approach to making the change now desired and needed in a way that far exceeds our wildest imagination.

That's the Truth - with a capital 'T'!

You are invited to visit the Library of Christ Mind Teachings, a free online resource of contemporary teachings, available for your exploration and discovery. Enjoy!

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