“Jalan Cinta” means “Way of Love” in Indonesian

Jalan Cinta Sanctuary Opening 2019

Jalan Cinta Sanctuary, dedicated to spiritual awakening, personal growth, healing, and living love. Dedicated to supporting you!

It often feels like there is so much division, hatred and suffering in this world. But there is another way. A Way founded in Love.

Jalan Cinta Sanctuary is a beautiful and palpably conscious space. A space dedicated to loving our humanity; accepting and loving who we are including the tears, traumas, past experiences, bad moods and unkind thoughts – all of it. A space dedicated to living our divinity; acknowledging that within every man, woman and child there is a miraculous wellspring of wisdom and the infinite extraordinary power of creation.

Here seemingly ordinary, everyday people from all around the world come to immerse, to heal, to transcend, to share, to learn, to grow, to remember and to discover who they really are.

Here budding and internationally renowned teachers, authors, practitioners, therapists and mystics come to immerse, develop, create and share their workshops, events, gatherings and offerings.

Here a global community of friends come together to laugh, to cry, to play, to explore, to support, to transform and to serve.

Here there are no guru’s to worship, compulsory teachings to follow, or specific practices that must be engaged. You are free to follow your own path.

Here everyone is acknowledged as the divine light they truly are; that essence is seen, cultivated and honoured.

The question we ask is simply “What does it mean to live as Love?” To live the answer is our quest, challenge and our shared desire.

Here is Your Opportunity

The construction of Jalan Cinta Sanctuary is underway, with limited opportunities for you to invest in a Villa and become an integral part of this place; this Sanctuary for Love.

Anytime you are not staying at the Sanctuary, you have the option to allow your Villa to be rented to others who will stay on-site; therefore supporting them in their own growth. When you do you will earn a financial return to support you in pursuit of your own life goals.

Villa sale price $140,000 USD

  • 6 sold 8 available

The inspiration behind the Sanctuary.

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